Can the bus be booked all year round in any location?
Yes, the bus is all self contained and as such has its own power, onboard heaters for the winter months and cooling fans for the summer and even a toilet and hand wash basin.

Do you drive the children around?
No, the bus has had all its seats removed when it was converted to a party bus and as such no longer a passenger carrying vehicle. So please look elsewhere if require transport to your school prom!

Is your bus a double decker?
No, party bus prides itself on being unique in the fact that it entertains the children during there entire time on the bus according to their age and ability. The double decker play buses are normally just a ball pit on wheels where the children are left to free play. Our bus has more usable space then a double decker where the stair well, engine and low ceilings encroach on inside space.

Where can the bus park?
The Party Bus can park outside your home a road or park nearby in a car park, church, pub, sports centre (permission may be required) almost any location of your choice. The Party Bus is 13 metres long by 3 metres wide it does not manoeuvre well in small spaces, so please allow plenty of room.

As a rough guide allow 3- 4 parking spaces long (end to end) and good clear access to get into. Please advise us of the following; width/height restrictions (including trees), narrow roads, tight bends or unmade roads, limited access areas.

How do I book a Party Bus party?
Please contact us and we can check availability for your chosen date for you.

How can we pay?
Payment can be made via cheque or direct bank transfer. We ask for an initial deposit to hold your requested party date and time with the balance due 4 weeks prior to your party at which point we will forward your confirmation, party planner and invitations.